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Where to find help

Local and national organisations and websites that can help and support you if you are in crisis, if you have been a victim of sexual violence or if you are experiencing domestic abuse.

You are not alone and there is always someone to talk to who will hear you without judgement.

In crisis

What does it mean to be in crisis? How do you identify that is what is happening for you?

Crisis can show itself in different ways.  This can include intense experiences of loneliness, feeling stuck, feeling scared or unsafe, and thoughts or actions of self harm or suicide.

You do not have to face these moments alone. If you are unsure if things are 'bad enough' call someone and have a chat.

In Bradford,  First Response are available 24 hours a day.  They offer telephone support and can refer you on to safe spaces who will offer you phone or in person response on the day of your contact.

Phone: 0800 952 1181

Nationally, The Samaritans are available 24 hours a day.

Phone: 116 123

Sexual Violence, Assault and Rape

Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual act or activity.  It can take many forms including rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, trafficking and others.

The whole responsibility of sexual violence lies with the perpertrator, As the victim, it was not your fault and you did not deserve it.

In Bradford, Bradford Rape Crisis can offer specialist support to victims.  This is a service run by women for women and girls who have experienced different forms of sexual violence.

0800 448 0710

Nationally, Rape Crisis you can talk to someone 24/7

0808 500 2222

Domestic Abuse and Control

Domestic abuse is an incident or pattern of incidents, control or coercive behaviour.  It can occur in  many forms, and when you are the victim, can be hard to identify or accept as it can occur quickly, or over a long period of time, and is often by someone who you are very close to.

Examples of domestic abuse are:

  • Coersive control

  • Psychological abuse

  • Physical abuse

  • Sexual abuse

  • Economic or financial abuse

  • Honour based and forced marriages

If you are concerned about your own, or someone else's well being. There is lots of information available and organisations who can support you to understand more, and help.  You will be supported in the choices you want to take.

In Bradford, Staying Put offer information, support and safe spaces.

Home - Staying Put

0808 2800 999

Nationally, you can contact refuge

Home - Refuge

0808 2000 247

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